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Discussion: Has Pokemon Go Changed Your Collecting Experience?

I haven't posted a discussion topic on here in a loooooooong time! This is one that I thought would be a good one to talk about. Pokemon Go has been an awesome thing, as people are not just seeing they resurgance of Pokemon's popularity, but more than ever people got into something Pokemon related, that would probably NEVER even touch the franchise!! But, now there's been a few pros and cons: a TON of licensed merch has been coming in, which is great for collectors!! However, people are now deciding to sell their stuff to make a small profit, without even knowing their value, and some stuff seems to sell out SUPER fast now!!

So, has Pokemon's renewed popularity from Go somehow altered your collecting experience?

For me, it's been awesome to see SO much new Pokemon goods! When I first joined the community, back in 2011 I think it was, Jakks was the only one that held the Pokemon license, and cards were making a small comeback with new figures in tins and such. But, you still had to import pretty much everything else. Pokemon Go and the new popularity has exploded in merch, but for me, I personally feel that a lot of stuff I buy has been selling out SO much faster! Pokemon Center online has definitely picked up, and has been doing VERY well since it opened. Things out out of stock very fast, when it wasn't nearly this quick early on. I've also noticed more people in Target and even places like Gamestop etc. check out this cards, too. As a person that collects cards, promos, the figures from them, etc, this has made it tough. It's awesome to see them get popular again, and not just little kids buying the cards, but stuff has been running out quicker! The anniversary pin boxes have been a bit of a challenge to get, and even before Go came out, the bagged anniversary Tomys were already a little tough to find! I've been following some TCG sets from just last year slowly sell out and increase in price on my watch list, which also sucks :/ Anniversary products brought out the nostalgia in people even before Go hit!

It's definitely been... an interesting year for collecting! That's for sure! 
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