Chari (chariflame) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Villain Teams Pin Group Buy

Hi everyone! I'm hoping to buy a full box of these pins, but there's only two I want. Group buy time!

  • I'll only be able to buy a full box if all pins are claimed. We did it! All pins have now been claimed and paid for. The box has now been ordered, I'll get back to you in regards to shipping once I receive them in mid-October.

  • Each pin would be $8 each + shipping to you. Shipping should be around $1.50 within the UK, and $5 worldwide, but would be calculated properly once I have the pins.

  • I'll pre-order the box as soon as all pins are claimed and paid for. The villain team promotion is out on October 8th, and should be with me the following week. I'll ship pins out then!

  • I was granted sales permission by lineaalba in 2008, and have run group buys in the past.

Team Rocket: meowthcollector PAID
Team Rocket (Gold): meowthcollector PAID
Team Aqua: chariflame (I'll take this one since it's the last we needed to for the box, but happy to let anybody else claim it!)
Team Aqua (Silver): chariflame PAID
Team Magma: schenzi PAID
Team Magma (Gold): chariflame PAID
Team Galactic: diamondphantom PAID
Team Galactic (Silver): schenzi PAID
Team Plasma: diamondphantom PAID
Team Plasma (Silver): leafyoddish98 PAID
Team Flare: kriscarmi PAID
Team Flare (Gold): kriscarmi PAID
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