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Quick TCG Question & Nidocard collection

Hey guys! Just as the title says, I have a quick TCG question. I've read about many types of early error cards, but I found one on eBay that hasn't been mentioned, and I'm assuming it's a fake.
Have you ever seen a Base Set card with a Jungle symbol?

And to spice this post up and make it more than just 'is this real' I'm going to show off my Nidorino TCG collection thus far!

My aim in my Nidorino collection is that of a 'completionist'. I want one of everything ever made! It's an ambitious goal, especially given that he was one of the original 151, and many things from gen1 are so hard to find--like the metal collection.
Regardless, the TCG is still coveted by those of us around when it first came out, as well as kids nowadays who are learning about Pikachu and Charizard for the first time. This makes it a little easier (and yet tougher, with the recent Pokesplosion of Pokelove) to find older cards recirculated for sale on the internet.

And so, I share with you what I've managed to collect!
(Click any for larger Photobucket pics)

The first three pages are mainly Base Set. So many languages and variations were released for this run!
1st Edition, Shadowless, Unlimited, 1st Edition 'greay stamp error', Base Set 2, Legendary Collection
I also have nearly every language in the original run-I'm missing Japanese 1st Edition, French Unlimited, and both 1st Edition and Unlimited and Korean. Willing to buy these from you if you have them!

As you can see there's a lot of Rhinobunnies, but it's far from a complete set. One day I will have them all, and the world will be taken over by bunnies! Just need more Infinity Gems Nidorino Cards.

And now, to make this post less pink, I'll share my Sylveon Collection Eeveelution cards.

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great weekend! :)
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