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Small sales post!

It's been ages since I've done small sales! Long are the days of me accumulating things and selling a bunch of small items! This is MUCH more managable!
I will be adding a few other doo-dads and a big stack of cards and TCG codes soon! (Need time to go through and organize those, first...)
I also have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge gets update coming soon, too! SO umm if you like pictures, look forward to that :p It's 9 months late >_>

*granted sales permission on 07/20/11 by dakajojo*
- I ship from US and I do ship internationally!
- Paypal only, and please let me know who you are when you pay
- No banned members!
- Please pay within a couple days!! I will do holds for a couple days, ONLY if you are SERIOUS about buying something! I don't want to hold something just to hear a "sorry, I can't get it..." because I haven't made negative feedback yet, and I'm not wanting to make any now...
-PLEASE tell me if you decided not to get something after a quote! I'm not a fan of waiting for several days of not hearing back, asking them about it, and then waiting several more days on a response... It's a little frustrating too when others may also be interested in the same item. I understand people get busy, but please be considerate! Even a quick 'sorry, can't get it' would help.
- If the timing is right, I usually ship out next day when possible, but I have had a pretty tight schedule recently, so it might take a bit longer. Please PM me if you have any questions on an order you made! I will PM you when I get the items shipped out, so I do keep up constant communication :)
-Also as a quick note, I know my flat cut outs aren't... Perfect >_> Sorry about how messy some got! I didn't have great stuff to use, but I still figured it would be better to salvage them then toss them out (and I regret all the nice ones from packaging I used to toss out in the past...)
- I give feedback to EVERYONE. If you pay me, I'll give you feedback as soon as possible. That's how I roll, I don't wait until you give me feedback or anything. I can be a little forgetful however, so if it slipped my mind go ahead and send me a friendly reminder if I haven't given you feedback right away^^
If you do wish to give me seller feedback, please do so here:

Sealed Pokemon Worlds size small unisex t-shirt.
$36 shipped in the US (recalculated for international)

Sealed (the one in the photo is mine) Arceus Tomy Pose figure
-Let me know if you want the box, want it flattened, or in tact
$12 shipped in the US (recalculated for international)

Like new large Banpresto Victini sofubi figure w/box
-Taken out and assembled (head is separate) only once, and then put bag in the box and its baggy
$12 shipped in the US (recalculated for international)

Pokemon TCG Illustration Collection
I'm only gauging interest for this item right now, as I have to dig it out of storage >_> It is the same one that will be in the upcoming Mew/Mewtwo TCG premium collector's box. Was curious if anyone was interested in just the book (all in Japanese of course, oh, and the Rayquaza/Pikachu cards are not included).
$ - Will see if there is interest first, and will then work out a price.

Definitely selling, as per my latest post.

Tags: arceus, banpresto, books, figures, sales, tomy, victini
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