Natalie Fuinha Becker (nataliebecker) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Natalie Fuinha Becker

Checking in with some Charms Wants! WHAT?! :O That's different for me. >.>

Hey guys :)

I haven't posted in a while, and sadly I don't have any new gets to show off yet. I have been enjoying all the Sun and Moon news, I am so excited for those games and all the stuff that is sure to come out for them. Anyway, I was checking the latest posts recently and got inspired to look for an group of charms based on the Ice Team I made back in X. (still one of my favorite teams) So let's get to it!

So I'm really prioritizing the final evolutions in all these sets, but I'll be happy to purchase either individual charms or full sets, whatever people have. Ideally, I'd like to find these charms from one or two sellers to cut down on shipping costs, but we'll see how available these are within the seller community. :) Anyway! First up is Weavile, favorite Pokemon, favorite member of this team. ^_^

Specifically looking for this Glaceon Charm, but I might be interested in the newer sitting one if someone has one. I'd accept the newer charm as a placeholder if this one is hard to find.

I really like Cloyster. I just think they look badass with all their spikes :)

Need the Froslass from this set, this is definitely one where getting the single charm would be fine with me, especially if that makes it cheaper. I'm just not super attached to Snorunt or Glaile.

Everyone's favorite transport Pokemon. And! my favorite Pokemon to find in Pokemon Go. ^_^

And the Mega for my team and the one who sets up Hail so I can spam Blizzard in the triples format and freeze everything. That's my whole strategy. It's not a super intricate or complicated one, it's full of holes and weaknesses, etc. lol. I never said my team was super good, but it is lots of fun to play and when it actually works, it's so satisfying!

So, those are the charms I'm looking for. If anyone can help me put this little charms team together I will super appreciate the help with this little side-quest while we all wait for November.

And as long as I'm posting, here's a link to my plush wants, I of course would love any leads on these guys as well.

Thanks for reading!
- Natalie

Tags: abomasnow, charms, cloyster, froslass, glaceon, lapras, wants, weavile
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