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Just another succa for Lunala + TCG wants

It's true - I am hopelessly in love with a bat legendary <3

I've been used to catching the small frys like the Zubat line - I never thought I'd be collecting a legendary D: I'm a bit scared lmao.
I'm aware theres gonna be a butt ton of merch for her (her? Lunala is so pretty i feel like it's a her) though.

So pleasepleaseplease keep this lil bat collector in mind if anyone winds up with merch of her, I'm interested in buying pretty much everything, from flats to plush! <3

Has there been any merch announced so far does anyone know?

One of my friends as preordered these sets with Lunala in, so technically these are all I have so far when they release in November :'D

Thought I'd add on my current wants list for TCG cards too. Not all of my sets are listed yet - any cards you might have for sale would be awesome :> <3

Things to know:

  • I am currently not looking to buy any from BreakPoint through to Steam Seige as I'm still buying booster packs.

  • I'm in the UK

  • I have a butt ton of holos for trades if it comes down to it, but would rather buy.

  • Condition of cards must must must be mint! aka pack fresh

>>>>>   TCG WANTS <3   <<<<<--- Click
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