mewtwofanz_150 (mewtwofanz_150) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants! Mewtwo Bath Buddy, Life-Size Emolga, ect.

Hi everyone! I just have some wants that I feel like I'm having trouble to obtain.
So, Here's a list of all my wants:

Mewtwo Bath Buddy (I can't spend more than $150 US Dollars on this guy, so hopefully I'll get one.)
Life-Size Emolga (I'd be willing to buy one for $40-$50 US dollars, even if it's TTO only.)

Life-Size Talking Mew (I am only willing to get the one that talks, including the voice box.)

Giant Lucario Plush (Please, I can't afford $1,000 for this guy, so please anything under $300 US dollars!)

Lottery Lucario Plush (IF I can't afford the Giant Lucario. Anything under $200 US dollars.)

Mewtwo Bell Plush (Under $200 Dollars)

Mewtwo Plush Backpack (I'd want one for $80-$90 US Dollars)

Sleeping Snivy Plush (I'd be willing to do $170 US dollars for this one.)

If anyone has one of these, contact me or link me to an auction/sales post!
Tags: emolga, lucario, mew, mewtwo, plush, snivy, wanted, wants
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