schenzi (schenzi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Plushie Pile GA - Extras claims

A big box of plushies was delivered to me today!  Everyones plushies are in great condition and there are some leftovers too!

 photo s-l1600_zpscuowq52r.jpg

Under the cut are pitures of the extras with their prices:

 photo DSCF2887_zps9hhmdvo4.jpg
Claim anything here for $5 each (all have their hang tags)
Claimed: treecko, magmortar, pancham

 photo DSCF2888_zpscz0nqtts.jpg
Claim anything here for $3 each, pikachu is a little pouch and piplup, chimchar and ledyba are friends plush.

Extras are open to everyone.  All extras claims will go towards the customs fee payment.

I should have final payments for all participants up by the weekend :)
Tags: group auction
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