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Huge Plush Sales!

Hi everyone! I have a whole bunch of awesome plush up for sale (and offer!) today - I haven't cleared out my storage for YEARS, and I'm parting with a lot of old plush (some of which I forgot I even had!).

There are some pretty amazing collection items up for grabs - older MWT Japanese Pokedolls, a Daisuke Club Arceus, 1/1 totodile, various custom plush by some very talented artists, and more! Come check it out!

All sales info can all be found here.
I combine shipping on multiple plush. :)
You can make offers within reason on all items, but priority always goes to committed buyers, so keep this in mind when trying to haggle (offering anything below the listed price does not guarantee you the plush, unless I accept your offer). Items with the "OBO" tag are more likely to have lower offers accepted!

**Please make your own threads for plush that are up for offers!**
I will take offers for about a week, and may also accept offers sooner if I get a price I like.

Offers and Pokedolls

Daisuke Club Arceus DX Pokedoll (MWT): Offer from $380, lower offers may be considered

1/1 Totodile: $150 OBO - feel free to make lower offers, I couldn't easily find the same plush sold recently to gauge the going price.
In amazing condition, but like all 1/1 Totodile plush, the teeth have become separated from the mouth over time. I can try to fix this up with purchase upon request!

Banpresto Luxray MWT: Start offers at $80!

Bisharp Pokedoll (JP, MWT): Start offers at $35!

Lapras Pokedoll (JP, MWT): Start offers at $65!

Whimsicott Pokedoll (JP, MWT): Start offers at $45!

Ambipom Pokedoll (tush tag has wear): $45

Emolga Pokedoll (tag has very slight wear on bottom edge, JP version): $28

Sawk Pokedoll (JP, creased hang tag): $18

Shinx Pokedoll (New, no hang tag): Start offers at $30!

Banpresto Shiny Raichu Plush (left): Start offers at $80! (Willing to take lower offers too, just comment)
I <3 Pikachu Raichu Plush (right): $30 OBO

Custom Plush

Pokemon Time Slowpoke Plush (left) by AmberTDD: $50
Slowpoke Pokedoll by Usakochan: $150 OBO

Large (~12") Slowpoke Plush by Usakochan: $250 OBO

15" Solrock Custom Plush by Magnastorm: $150 OBO

15" Metagross Custom Plush by Magnastorm: $350 OBO

Straight Sales

DX Banpresto Mewtwo Plush: $45

TOMY Torchic Plush (Mint, no hang tag): $35 OBO

(Look at how big she is!!)
BIG Banpresto Snivy Plush: $30 OBO

Espeon Kuttari (JP, MWT): $16
Sableye Pokemon Center Plush (JP, MWT): $18

Banpresto Ledyba Plush: $28 OBO

Banpresto Clefairy Plush MWT: $20

Charmander Beanie: $15 OBO

Toy Factory Shinx Plush: $15 OBO
Banpresto Chimchar MWT: $8

Jakks Pacific Chingling Plush: $16
Banpresto Oddish: $8

Clefairy Taffeta (used, has tag that is slightly worn): $8
Pikachu with Pokeball: $10

Charmander and Pikachu Plush: $10 each OBO

MPC Plush!
$12 each: Ferroseed, Ferrothorn
$8: Dewott
$5: Audino, Alomomola, Basculin

Small Assorted Plush!
TOMY Piplup keychain (MWT) Mewtwo Applause: $8
Oddish: $5
Mantyke, Turtwig (MWT), Pikachu: $2 each

Thanks for looking!

Tags: ambipom, arceus, bisharp, charmander, custom, emolga, ferroseed, ferrothorn, lapras, luxray, mewtwo, pikachu, plush, pokedoll, raichu, sableye, sales, sawk, shinx, slowpoke, solrock, torchic, totodile, whimsicott
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