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Happy Birthday Post!^_^ Collection Show Off

It's my 32nd birthday, and I decided to share in the festivities by sharing off the gems of my collection. :)  I don't have a video to show off this time, but I do have some photos so here we go! Ghost Sleepin' Snivy welcomes you! oooooh! *insert scary music here*



I guess I'll have to do the tour then.

The crown jewels of my 1:1(nearly,it's as close as you can get in official plush) Heartland Tomy Lucario, MEGA TOKYO MEGA PIKAZARD(in all caps of course), and US 1:1 Goomy.  Lucario is the main star of my collection...Generation 6 being my favorite and glorifying the heck outta him(his Mega gets a STATUE and is a major part of mega evolution in X and Y),having the original giant plush was necessary to cement my fanboyism of the guy.  Mega Pikazard was a thing and I was not satisfied having the small guy so I bought the GIANT one and haven't looked back since. SQUISHY.^_^  It's the first 1:1 Dragon type Pokemon plush I've ever had and I love em'.

no title

The Muskedeer Quatret!  Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion are all the official Japanese Tomy plush but the two Keldeos are one official and the other a VERY AWESOME custom.  Besides Lucario, Keldeo is my favorite legendary.  It used to be Suicune, but Keldeo's slowly inched his way into my heart over the years.  I hope to get a giant Keldeo plush someday.

The now classic Kalos Trio of Fennekin, Froakie, and Chespin!^_^  Seriously, all three were awesome starters and it's a joy to have all three in my collection.  I can't believe gen 6 is almost over but I'll cherish them for all the time I do have them.


An extra bonus, some shopper bags awhile ago.  Pokemon Centers are the best with their awesome fangasm bags.x_X

Well, thanks for reading. :) Please leave a comment and any questions, and I'll answer as soon as possible. Thanks!

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