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i have been in to Pokemon since i was 4 my best friend introduced me my first game was silver and i loved that game so much (even if i didn't understand it) my favorite Pokemon are Mewtwo and Giratina i have huge collections of them well in Mewtwo's case i did a few months ago i had to move everything out of my room so it could get repainted and the box containing my Mewtwo stuff some how caught fire don't ask me how i didn't even see it i ran down to find the charred remains of it so i was wondering if some of you could help me i have gotten most of the stuff from japan back but the American stuff has been hard i'm looking for a lot of the play by play items the plush backpack in particular (he was my favorite) i don't need these things to be in pristine condition i can work with minor holes and even broken zippers and i'm willing to pay a good amount for some of these items so if you can please help i could really use it

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