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Pokemoncenter Group Buy #3--CLOSED

EDIT: The box has arrived but I won't have time to open it/get totals until tomorrow; get excited everyone :D

Hey everyone :D I've had some requests for a new Pokemon Center group buy for international people so I'm happy to announce I'm free to do so~
There's plenty of awesome stuff up on the pokemoncenter website ^w^ make sure to take a look and let me know if there's anything you'd like to order!
As usual, I'm happy to do multiple claims on certain items such as grouped pins!

Shipping will be free from the Pokemoncenter so there will only be two payments~
1) Payment 1 will be for your items only
2) Payment 2 will be for shipping from me to you

Note: I will require payment for your items (Payment 1) before I place the whole order!

I am also okay with ordering multiple sets of something ouob

Keep in mind I will probably be unable to give shipping quotes as I need the item in hand to weigh it, sorry :(

If there are not enough claims on certain sets before I place the order they will not be included :<

tagging clicky797, ku_bek, and ietne

Sales Rules
--My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/diamondphantom/
--Granted sales permission August 7, 2015 by areica96

All prices are in USD!

General Rules
-All community rules for sales/auctions/trades apply.
- Do not retract your offer. If there was a mistake in your comment, reply to it immediately with the correction.
-Do not delete your comments; I will ban you from future sales.
-A negative feedback will be left if you simply withdraw/fail to go through with your offer and do not contact me otherwise to explain yourself.
-I do not sell to banned members or anyone I deem to have too many negative feedback.
- First come first served; please be courteous.
-If you fail to pay for an item within 48 hours, the item will go back for sale and you will be given a negative
-Items do not include shipping or Paypal fees

-Please make it clear if you are committed or asking for a quote.
-By commenting on a sales post, you are bound by my and the community rules

- I only accept Paypal

- I ship from Alabama in the US
- International flats start at $2 and non-flats at $6

-US flats start from $.60 and non-flats start at $2.60
- Usually I will be shipping items once a week so please be patient if you ordered after I have already shipped for the week
- I am not responsible for any damaged or lost items once they are dropped off at the post office

Some Cool Item Options from PokeCen :D

$6.33 Each

$7.25 each

Claims List:
1) ku_bek---Pancham Pokedoll--$12.99

2) ietne---Entei-chu, Beast pins--$36.98
3) clicky---Gardevoir awake kuttari--$9.99
4) deranged_girl---Champion Red--$99.99
5) crovile---Wartortle pin set, Arceus pokedoll, Johto cuties tshirt women XL, we're goomy crewneck youth M--$86.88
6)the_gypsy_cat---mew/mewtwo premium collection
7)spikey---pumpkaboo plush, aqua socks

PAYMENT 1 (Due Friday 10pm US Central time; if it's not in I won't be able to order your item(s)!)
--Please send payment to diamondphantom@gmail.com and in the note include the following:---
PokeCen GB--username--item1, item2, etc

1)ku_bek---$13.83 PAID
2)ietne---$38.79 PAID
3)clicky797---$10.71 PAID
4)deranged_girl---$104.36 PAID
5)crovile---$90.72 PAID
6)that_gypsy_cat---$83.55 PAID

7)spikeymerch---$26.84 PAID

PAYMENT 2--Please send within 48 hours, thanks!

4)deranged_girl---$24.77 PAID
5)crovile---$13.84 PAID
6)that_gypsy_cat---it's almost 6 pounds :( $68.99-- PAID

7)spikeymerch---$8.12 PEND

hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :3
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