noctowl100 (noctowl100) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Manaphy hunt!

Hi everyone! I havent posted here in quite a few years, but I used to be a pretty active buyer and seller on pkmncollectors!
Although I haven't been around on the forums, I am still an active collector, and as many of you are too, I'm loving the 20th Anniversary merch from Tomy and other companies.

Here lies my problem.
As I eagerly awaited the release of the Manaphy plush back in June, which was exclusive to "toys r us" I noticed the page for the listing was taken down, and has never since resurfaced.
I've hunter everywhere, and cant find any UK retailer with them.

After doing a lot of telephoning and emailing about, I found out from Tomy UK that apparently, Tomy in the USA decided that manaphy was going to be really popular, so to divert most European and ALL Uk stock to the USA.
Not only is this a big let down for any collector like me who has every piece of 20th merch released in the west ao far, but poor practice on Tomys part considering they still have manaphy listed on the uk website!

So, on to my real question, I'm looking to trade, or purchase a new in box Manaphy plush!
Available to trade I have either Darkrai, Arceus, or Celebi 20th anniversary plush.
Im not willing to pay the ridiculous prices of £35-50+GBP on ebay :(

Hope one of my fellow international collectors that was lucky enough to see a release can help me out, and heres a picture of my collection so far to show you my 20th anniversary commitment;)

Thanks guys!!

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