chikorita_152 (chikorita_152) wrote in pkmncollectors,
pkmncollectors Update 9/20/16: Pokemon Go! Plus

Hey there! This is a quick update for Pokemon Go! fans: The Pokemon Go! plus is now available on! Last night I noticed a new tab appear under the Video Games section, labeled: "Hardware + Strategy Guides", and when I checked again this morning (expecting to see the Sun/Moon 3dsxl) this Pokemon Go pokewalker had been added for $34.99.

Click the image to Go! (get it? Its a pokemon go joke)

Also, over the past few days, several plush have been restocked. ( such as standard plush of Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon. the large Snorlax plush, shiny mega gengar, 1:1 Charmander + Squirtle and more!) Go look through the plush section if you havent in a while!

Thanks for looking, have a great day, and please be aware of your surroundings when playing with Pokemon Go!
Tags: charmander, espeon, gengar, info, pikachu, pokecen, pokemon, snorlax, squirtle, sylveon, umbreon
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