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Halloween claims in + friending!

Hello collectors!

Two things from me! ^-^

First! Halloween claims are in and I have totals for you all! I replied to your comments on the original post yesterday but still awaiting payment from most of you.
Click the cut for your totals + some other info! ^-^

Items are packed and ready to go! However, since I have a sales post coming up I wanted to offer yall first dibs on anything there if you happen to find something you want! Head on over here to check that out:

Please let me know if you'd like to add anything, if not, please send payment for your totals below.

Totals are as follows:
vulpeslagopus - PAID, thanks!
sodapopninja - $43.98 - PAID thanks!
Lovestyle - PAID, thank you!
wobbuwhit - $39.86
mysticeden - $28.53
hokeypokeyboop - $41.92

Send via paypal to coyoteberetta AT gmail DOT com ! Please note it's been 24 hours since my comments to you, and per my rules you have 24 more hours left to send payment.

Thank you all!! :3

Second, I was late to the friending post and I just made a twitter for Pokemon stuff, so I was hoping to connect with other collectors!
If you have an account let me know! Or if you wanted to check out mine, i am @capedumbreon ! I'll probably be on the lookout for fellow collectors as I keep getting used to this thing ^^;

Name: Melinda but Mel is okay ^^
Age: 28
Gender: female
Location: Brooklyn, NYC
Favorite Pokémon: Umbreon, but I am falling in love with Lycanroc *-*
Favorite part of collecting: one of my favorite and least favorite parts is when new merch is announced! Fun because I love seeing new items, but it kills my wallet!
I also really like organizing my stuff and finding new ways to display!
Other fandoms, interests:
I recently have gotten really into The Witcher 3! Its so fun! I also keep a small garden and enjoy vegetarian cooking :3
I do a little bit of drawing, and I love animals! Especially wolves and cats <33
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