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Mew/Mewtwo Collection Opening +PokeCen GB!

I came home as quickly as possible when I saw the tracking on my latest package ;;;;;

Looks like mew is here to help me out :D
now what could be inside?

GASP It looks beautiful! It's also waaaay bigger than I thought it would be!

Mew is overwhelmed!

She's good now lol

It's a shame this comes right off the box :'D I would've liked it to stay on for display pursposes

This is bananas!


The Exs are simply stunning! That texture ;;;;;w;;;;;;;

Packs and box dividers!

These 3! They are super nice and long! Great for storing cards :D

Hey mew....can I borrow that? thanks

Honestly the artbook is probably the best part of the whole thing ;;; As an artist this is great inspiration and it just looks amazingg

"It me!"

I forgot to take pics of the figure OTL it actually was a bit small and disappointing though :'D a nice dynamic pose though!
My only real complaint is that you can't really display anything using the box |'D
The cut out pikachu face doesn't allow good view for the box contents >_> it's really only good as a storage box.

Thanks for checking out my box opening!
I won't be keeping the 3 kanto starter boxes, the dividers, 7 of the packs, or the code card! Keep an eye out for those if you were looking to purchase them ;3

Quick reminder about the Pokemon Center Group Buy!

I will be placing orders on Friday :) Therefore, please get your orders in by Thursday! Thursday I will send out comments for Payment 1~

thanks everyone! <3
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