princess_snivy (princess_snivy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Alola LIFESIZED 1:1 Plush Confirmed?!

Hey everyone, I'm actually back with something that's not a sales post, haha! Actually, I won't be selling anything more for a long time, since college is already kicking my butt, and I won't be home with my until winter break.

However, I took a break from stressing over assignments to share an interesting discovery I just stumbled upon!! :o

As you may know, eBay sellers from China have been notorious for selling bootleg/deformed plush that simply would not make the cut as official merchandise, which sometimes leads to future, unannounced merchandise being revealed!

Although we are aware of PC normal sized starter plush arriving in October, this seller not only has pictures of Litten and Rowlet's plushies in real life, but of their supposedly 40 cm / 16 in plush!

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I could find from the seller- Popplio's listing just has his official artwork and no actual picture. But still, I'm thrilled to see that they will exist!
Tags: pokemon center
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