sleepfighter43 (sleepfighter43) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collections Get and Customs!!

While my primary collection is Shinx plush, my secret collection that I didn't really think I'll ever find enough official of, surprisingly became quite huge.

To my surprise, I did manage to find a couple plush for sale. And I was able to snag the latest gets for my collection

Noibat and crobat!!

I collect bat pokemon. And was recently able to also acquire a gligar and a golbat!!
So now my bat collection looks great!

The coloring is almost soothing!!
I'm considering picking up a Jakks Zubat and the halloween golbat that someone had a few years ago. And figure out where to get a custom of gliscor. Still need a swoobat and a woobat too.
Of course, I can't forget about the lunala one too.
I feel like my bat collection is gonna get even bigger!!

Anyway! This week project is making a Shinx.
Tried to modify the pattern I have for a dragon and, meeeeh, I think? The ears are still bothering me. Remind me more of mickey mouse than a shinx's ears, whoops. And then I forgot to sew the iris, I'll do that when it's not midnight here

That's all my announcement for this week!! I'm hoping I can make a good noibat plush soon, using the same pattern for the shinx. Just modified.
Tags: crobat, custom, noibat, shinx
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