mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

can you guess it ? and need your opinion

Hi ,
So i was and still working on new sculpture , and when it is 70% is finished i thought to share it with you and take your opinion

Let's see , can you guess what is this pokemon from these pictures :)

click :)

Yes it is Tyrantrum :)
One of my fav in Pokemon X .. i have 4 from it in the game all abilities and shiny .. an awesome strong pokemon
it took 5 days to reach this level

Now it only need sanding/ smoothing :)

and i will try new way to paint it so wish me luck please

the main reason i want to post it before the finishing is .. should i stick it with base ? or not ?
it already balanced .. so it is not for balancing :)

and one last photo just to show you the size :) (With charmander 1:1 and Charizard Tomy SP )

ok i hope you like it , and really want to know your opinion (REALLY!)

and for sure my want list updated

Thank you for viewing my post

and have great pokeday :)
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