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New Collection Update and 1 Want

Don't get on here much anymore but I do lurk often. Hey there community hope all is well, as of the last 2 months I sort of started a new little collection because I couldn't resist. I've gotten a few grails for my other collections too recently but I won't be showcasing them right now as these are my new priority.

The 2008 Pokemon Time Set! It's just such a cute line and as a graphic designer and artist I love the simplicity as everything makes nice decorations when you have white furniture. Originally I was only buying Bulbasaur stuff from this set because Bulbasaur is my favorite starter, however I ended up getting everything because they just go together so well <3

I actually have another set of the Charmander and Squirtle tins that idk what I'm going to do with but if I don't get rid of them they are still nice to have because they are actually useful. I just got the phonestraps from white_chocobo couldn't be happier especially since they are in the original packaging~

So far it's been really nice and I'm glad my boyfriend is putting up with me hunting this set down, soon I'll be getting the totebag to add and I can't wait. I don't know if I'm going to go after the other sets of Pokemon Time when I'm done with this set to be honest because this is the only one besides the 2010 set that pleases me visually and a aesthetically but who knows. I already have that Giant Togekiss, Wailord, and the whole Eevee line plus backpack. Pokemon Time might end up being something I collect.

Wants/Looking For!

As you can see though, there is one certain starter who is missing from the plushies. The main reason I even started this collection

I've been looking for him for a few years now tbh and with no success, but how I would love to add him to my little collection. So if anyone sees one, or has one that they are willing to let go, I would love to add him to my home <3

Thanks so much for looking, might have a collection weeding sale in the near future. :>

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