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New sales post! ^-^

Hello collectors! ^-^

Halloween claims are all shipping Monday morning, so with that,  I'm opening up a new batch of sales!

Included are Eevee Halloween items that were unpaid for ;_; so they are up for adoption!
Also got Mystery Mansion charms, more Halloween straps, Eevee room pants, and other stuff.

Here's a preview ^-^

Status: open!  ^^

  • All PKMNCollectors rules apply. Sales to members only.

  • Sales permission granted Jan 23 2015 by areica96

  • Feedback is here :

  • Minimum purchase is $4!

  • Shipping starts at $3 and goes up depending on your purchases. At this time, US addresses only. I don't have any experience shipping internationally right now and don't want to risk a lost package, I'm so sorry! ;_; I hope to be able to ship internationally soon!! (if anyone has an tutorials for international shipping, please share! ;.;)

  • I recycle shipping supplies!! If I have no mailers on hand, the materials fee will be calculated into the shipping cost. ($1 per mailer, usually)

  • Prices listed do not include shipping OR Paypal fees.

  • I reserve the right to deny sales. Buyers may need good feedback, it's up to my discretion.

  • Commitment gets priority. Please be clear if you are asking for a quote or committing. Holds on a case-by-case basis.

  • When you receive your total your payment is due within 24 hours. After which you may be subject to negative feedback.

  • Please allow around one week after payment for your items to be shipped. I work full time so there are only a few days when I can make it to the PO.

  • I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. You may ask to buy tracking or insurance for your purchase. Once the item has left my hands, I cannot be held responsible.

  • Payment via PayPal only.

  • Please mention peanut butter in your comments AND your US zipcode to show you read my rules :)

Please click the images for a larger version :)

Eevee Japanese Halloween Circus Mascot -
this poor babe was unpaid for, so now he is seeking a new home! He's the JP version, so he comes with the nice gold chain+metal clasp unlike the US's plastic clip. ^^ $16

Eevee Halloween Circus metal Charm
- $6
Eevee Halloween Circus Rubber strap - $10

Mystery Mansion charms!

These are all new, and come with their opened wrappers and original cardboard backing :3
Frosslass - $4
Gengar - $4
Misdreavus - $4
Sableeye - $4
Banette - $4
Litwick - $3
Chandelure - $4

Pokemon Time Umbreon plush, MWT - $14

Raichu Pokemon Time strap - $10
Vulpix With You pin - $6
Scyther stamp (stamp is out of ink) - $3
Mewtwo chupa - $3
Sylveon screen cleaner(? not sure what it is) figure, MIP - $7

Oshawott clear - $3
Persian - $3
Arcanine open mouth (has mark on face, might wash off, I haven't tried!) - $4
Running Arcanine - $6

Espeon socks , brand new - $5
Eevee socks, brand new - $5

Eevee Room Pants - These are mint in package and unworn! I ordered these then decided to go with the smaller size. According to Pokevault, the measurement for the waist is 84-94cm. I took them out of the package to measure, see below (click for larger) - $45

It'sDemo Eeveelution Headband  - mint and unworn! this is made with a patterned material and this one happens to have Sylveon and Jolteon featured prominently, which is pretty cool!  - $20

Joltik Halloween strap - $7
Plusle/Minun Halloween strap - $3
Meleotta Halloween strap - $3

Tags: arcanine, banette, chandelure, eevee, eeveelutions, espeon, flareon, froslass, gengar, glaceon, jolteon, joltik, leafeon, litwick, mismagius, oshawott, persian, raichu, sableye, sylveon, umbreon, vaporeon, vulpix
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