r0sehip (r0sehip) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Question About All Star Plush (and some gets!)

Hi everyone, I was thinking about getting the upcoming Cubone All Star plush, but I had a question about the size of All Star plush I was hoping I could get answered. When looking at information about the Cubone plush I was surprised to see it was only 16cm (about 6.3 in) tall, because for some reason I had assumed that All Star plush were much larger? But I also admit that I am really, really bad at visualizing the relationship between measurements and the actual size of items. So for anyone that owns All Star plush with comparable measurements to the Cubone, what do you think of the size? Is it a good size to cuddle? (very important of course). And if anyone has any pictures of All Star plush that give a good idea of their scale that they could show me--like a picture taken next to something with a standardized size, be it merch (like a pokédoll or a kuttari) or a soda can or whatever--I'd really appreciate it!

Moving on from that, I'd also like to show off my newest gets: two rubber straps and a mascot from the Sleepy Time Kuji! I really like the soft pastels and star motifs in this series and I'm happy I was able to track these down. The Mew strap and mascot were also my first purchase from the community, so yay for passing that milestone!

Tags: chandelure, mew
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