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Major Collection Weeding Sales

Hey there community, been debating this for a while now but decided to finally weed out some stuff from my one of my main collections which is shaymin, keeping the ones that are important and sentimental to me, but the rest were pretty much impulse buys on that "gotta have everything" rush. I'm at the point where I just want to keep/buy stuff I like and decorative pokemon items like Pokemon Time, Little Tales, and it's Demo stuff along with housing accessories. So without further ado, under the cut are a lot of plushies, hopefully they can find good homes

Sales permission granted on 07/27/2011 by Denkimouse
* I ship from the US and will ship internationally.
There is no smoking in the house, but there is one dog. I try keep everything out of reach.
*I try to ship out as soon as I can now that my schedule has been a little busier these last few months. Please allow at least 2 weeks for your item to be shipped as I don't have a form of transportation atm, but I usually try to get them out within the first week.
*I accept PayPal only.
*If you ask for a quote, that is not a commitment
*I do NOT hold items anymore (I've had issues with people committing and backing out, I'm not mad about it, but really need this stuff gone)
* I am not responsible for items once they are in the buyer's hands.
* Rep page is here:

Sorry about the bad pictures, my phone isn't the best if you have any questions about an item let me know.

Talking Shaymin Sky Form - $25
Talking Shaymin Land Form - $35
Tomy Shaymin Sky Form - $20
Small Shaymin Land Tomy Plush- $12
Jakks Shaymin Plush- $5
Dancing Shaymin (he doesn't really dance much) -$7

Banpresto Shaymin plush- $7
Shaymin Coin Purse- $6
Shaymin 20th Anniversary Plush- $20
Small Shaymin Banpresto plush- $3

Shaymin movie coin (Landmin)- $15
Shaymin Movie coin (Skymin)- $15
Shaymin 11 Movie Bracelet - $20
Movie 11 Button set (will not split)- $15
Shaymin Movie collectors cards - $12
Movie 11 Promo TCG set(sealed)- $25
Small Shaymin Pouch - $3
Penny Press - $5

Shaymin Chupa Chup - $5
Shaymin/Giratina Pencilboard- $7
Theme Park Medium Shaymin Plush- $10

Keldeo Resolute Pokedoll - $20
Timburr Pokedoll - $7
Bootleg Chimchar Pokedoll - $3
Emolga Talking Plush (it's suppose to move but it only talks) - $20
Pokemon Center Mudkip MWT - $7
Bonsly Pokedoll (Loved) - $5
Jakks Pacific Snivy - $5
Hasbro Laying Treecko - $5
Pokemon Center Oshawott - $7
Jakks PAcific Sandile - $5
Jakks Pacific Manaphy - $5
Sylveon Pokemon Center Plush (MWT) - $12
Takaratomy Sylveon (MWT) - $15
Takaratomy Leafeon (MWT) - $13
20th Anniversary Arceus Plush - $20

Giratina Hat - $8
Darkrai Hat - $8
Luxio Hat (has been worn) - $5
Kyogre Hat - $20

Happy Party Time Bottle Holder - $17
Worlds 2015 Bag- $30

As for a few of my wants~

Pokemon Little Tales Boston Bag

Pokemon Little Tales Backback

Bulbasaur Pokemon Time Plush

Thanks so much for looking~

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