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Some auctions :)

Long time no post! Here's the first wave of items I have for auction and hope will find loving home including the big sleepy Snivy <3 Auction will end on October 13th at 10pm EST time. Countdown is here:

more items under the cut ;)


Sales permission granted on 8/8/2012 by allinia
I ship from Canada & ship worldwide but shipping might be high depending on where I'm shipping to so please do not bid if this bothers you since I have no control over the shipping rates.
Shipping w/fees for non-flats usually starts at around $8 to the U.S. *international will be more* but I will get a more accurate quote from the post office. I generally ship my items in bubble mailers or a box for added protection.
I accept paypal only
Payment must be made within 48 hrs but I can give a couple more days for high priced items. I am not responsible for lost/damaged items so if you want insurance/tracking please ask although it will be very expensive from Canada.


Snivy starts at $115

Dialga pokedoll starts at $20

Small Pikachu suction cup figure starts at $8

Milotic time strap (new) starts at $18

Water Pokemon mobile (new) starts at $20

3 starters metal figures lot starts at $15

Espeon Gothic plush (new) starts at $15

Pikachu bell plush starts at $20

Dratini set plush starts at $20

Haunter/Gastly lot starts at $30 (legit tomy figure, 2 metal Gengars, Haunter pencil topper & Haunter jakks plush)

Ampharos canvas plush w/tags starts at $35

Jirachi canvas plush w/tags starts at $40

*rare* Monthly Carp 2005 Pikachu (cute tag with Zigzagoon ;3) starts at $50

Pokemon With You clip badge starts at $8

Dino lot starts at $20 (includes clearfiles,a bunch of flats: postcard, cards, stickers, metal Tyrantrum charm)

Xerneas/Yvetal metal coin set starts at $8

rare Arcanine metal swing starts at $15

Spoink figure in clear cube starts at $10

Happy Bidding!

Tags: arcanine, haunter, pikachu, snivy, zigzagoon
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