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Need help ID'ing/Finding Kyogre and Groudon Pins

Hey all! It's been ages since I've been on LJ or the community, but there was something on ebay that caught my eye recently, but unfortunately my payday came too late before someone else snatched it up.

As you can all see, it's a little pin set of Kyogre and Groudon. The listing was from Germany, and the seller claimed the pins were an original set, and that they were very rare. This is the extent of the description in english, but even upon translating the page's extended description, not much more was said. I'm wondering, were these preorder bonuses aside from the cool hologram coins? Were they perhaps retailer exclusive promotional pins to hype the release of Ruby and Sapphire? Either way, as a huge Kyogre fan/collector, I feel like a dolt for not snagging this set up for the low price it was going for. If anybody has any info on where these pins came from, or if they've got some for sale, it'd be awesome to get pointed in the right direction.

I have the most recent Primal Kyogre pin from the card box set, and the current Pokemon Center Kyogre pin that comes in a 3 pack with Rayquaza and Groudon just looks kind of goofy; I'm not really wild about how some current art of Kyogre rounds it's face out as opposed to my preference to the old art which made it's snout and mouth appear more angular. That said, if there's any other pins beside the one I just posted or the two I just referenced, I'd like to know about them as well. Thanks for looking, and I hope I can find what I'm looking for soon!

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