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New Gets and MASSIVE SALES!!

Hello everyone! I havnt updated in a while.. my apologies about that! I have been super busy with college and real life but I have still been collecting and reading other posts no worries!

I have a lot of gets to show you, and I also have a NEW SALES POST! Everything on there is super duper cheap! My friend moved away and had a lot of Pokemon toys stored away and told me I could sell them for her so there are things as low as $1 on there!

First I will link you the sales~! First for a little preview...

NOW ONTO THE GETS!! I got some interesting stuff here, and not just Charizard items this time! Look under the cut for more! <3

Ill start off with a GRAIL GET!

I have been looking for the big claw machine Charizard that has been popping up around online for FOREVER!! I finally found one at a local convention for sale at a booth! They only had three of them with them they told me I was lucky to get one before they were gone. It is MWT and is really high quality I love it to bits!!

Now for some things my friend gave me, they were toys that she had but told me I could have since she is moving.

Chatot and Totodile plushies!! I have been looking for that Chatot for a while as well, its one of my favorite Pokemon! There isnt much merch of it so I was happy to get the lil guy <3

Team Rockets Magicarp vehicle! I never thought I would want to keep a Magicarp themed item but this thing was so cool and silly I had to have it. You can open uo the top fin to see a little sitting area with a steering wheel inside! There is also a button on the side that shoots a little net out of its mouth.

Figures!! The Pikachu and Raichu are a bit older looking I do believe, but they both have such great posing and expressions wah! The end of Raichus tail was broken off so I had to take it back (the tail is too thin to glue) but I love it none-the-less <33
Another Chatot!! Glad to add more to the family! And the old tomy figures of the Bulbasaur line! I looooovee Bulbasaur and is in my top three favorite Pokemon so I was glad she had all three!

And lastly a custom I made for myself! It is a matryoshka doll of the Charizard line!! I found an old matryoshka doll at a thrift store, sanded it down to get all the paint off, and re painted it myself! These pictures are bad but I will get better ones once I get a sunny day...

It was a fun project! I still have three small dolls left from the one I bought that I might paint like another evolution to sell I just have to decide what line to paint it like!

WELL! Thats it for now! Thanks for reading through everyone! Happy collecting!!

((wants list)):

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