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New gets~! Fun little photo-story ^_^

Hey everyone! It's been quite some time since I've been able to post a gets update, so I'm super happy I can share these with you. It's somewhat photo heavy beneath the cut so be warned. That said, it's another of my photo-story style updates, so if you want to see some cute plush all together, here's your chance! I hope you enjoy it. ^_^

"Gosh that's a lot of gets! Maybe enough for special~?"

Theme music -
The rest of the photo-story is under here. vvv

"Greetings! And welcome to Pokemon Plush Party! I'm your host, Whimsy Whimsicott, let's get started~!"

"First up, we have this delightful little number. Straight from Pokemon Center Japan! I wonder who's inside?"

"Why, it's Banette! Say hello to the folks at home Banette~"
"Uhm... hi."

"It must be wonderful to be out of your shipping. How was the trip?"
*reading from the cue cards* "It...was good...but they bounced me....around like...a ragdoll."
*cue audience laugh track* "Haha~ Banette, you're so full of sass and fun. And luckily no bones! Let's move on to see who's tapping on that small box up there."

*gasping* "Oh my goodness get me out of zhere!"
"Don't overreact Lilligant, you don't even breathe oxygen."
"Well hello friends! It's Lilligant and Poliwhirl, courtesy of eBay Airlines! Looks like it was tight quarters for the two of them, but I'm sure they'll be fine after a brisk constitution and some light refreshment~ Let's take a quick commercial break."

"And we're back! Thanks again for joining us everyone. As you recall, we're here revealing lots of newly arrived plush, and it's about time for the large box in back! Whoever's in there is probably hoping to make a big entrance as well!"

*Confetti-explosion~!*  "Aaaahhh!"

"Everyone! What a special guest! It's the Benevolent Fairy Overlord of the Forest! Xerneas~!!

"Oh~ And it looks like Xerneas has brought some assistants, straight from the Pokemon Center, Pikachu and Espeon~!"

"It turns out some of our crew know Xerneas's assistants. What a small world! But we're still not done, as we need to reveal one more Plush guest package, Banette would you be so kind as to remove the plastic curtain?"

"More legendary guests! How exciting~ It's the wishful wonder, Jirachi and the refreshingly floral Shaymin~"

"Jirachi says their friend Shaymin is only here on a connecting flight and will be heading out soon to make an appearance on another program. Thanks for stopping by Shaymin! Well, I think that's all the time we have for today folks, tune in next time for--"


"What! A surprise late appearance guest?!"
"Hey guys! Sorry, I'm late, I brought some mini charms for the big reveal party."
"Ah! We didn't plan for this! Somebody cut to commercial!"

Hold Music -

"OKAY~~!! We're back! We've sent most of the others off to mingle with our Pokemon Plush crew backstage, but I'm joined now by Lilligant and our good friend Petilil~ And, Petilil is here for a new segment of our show, Charming Charms~! Petilil take it away~!"

"Here they are."
"Oh my! It's a whole bunch of Ice lovelies~!"

"The elegant Froslass with her toothy derp cousins Snorunt and Glaile!"

"The mighty Abomasnow and it's Mega Stone and form!"

"The frighteningly fast Weavile and her little brother Sneasel!"

"The graceful Lapras and her friend a playful Glaceon~!"

"Thanks for sharing those with us Petilil, what a delightful segment that was."
"Sure thing."
"Well everyone, thanks for coming to see us today. This is your host, Whimsy Whimsicott signing off~

(So, I hope you guys enjoyed the little photo-story that showed off my recent gets. Shout out to polahbear and gaarasyami for some of the stuff, and hooray for finding reasonably priced stuff on eBay as well!)

Here's a link to my wants post for people selling stuff. -

Thanks for reading guys. ^_^  
- Natalie

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