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Misc. Sales

Hi everybody, I haven't been on the comm in a while (due to school obligations, etc.), but here is some stuff I decided to weed out. Might be of interest to some of you ^_^

Sales permission from PkmnCollectors: from entirelycliched on May 9, 2013.
My PkmnCollectors feedback:

~ I ship from southern California, USA. I have regular access to the post office.
~ I welcome international orders.
~ Once your item is shipped out, I am not responsible for lost or stolen packages. If you are concerned, please specify if you'd like tracking/insurance on your item.

~ Please try to make a minimum combined purchase of $4.
~ If you want to pay by mailing concealed cash, you will have to wait until I receive the cash in hand before I ship out to you.
~ I accept trades for things I don't have of the Charmander line or Ash/Gary/Red/Blue. Digimon items of Agumon line/Tai can also be considered.
~ Haggling is allowed.
~ I can hold items for up to 24 hours. After that, it's on to the next person who is interested.
~ In accordance with community rules, a person saying "committed" in the post can receive priority over someone who merely expressed interest or asked for a quote.
~ Items come from my smoke-free, pet-free house.

Shirt $8
Pokeball Bento Container $20
Giratina Whistle $7
Keldeo/White Kyurem Strap $6 each
Bobblehead Pikachu/Oshawott figures $9 each
BK Marowak $2
Advanced Generation mini Card Album $5
Card Albums $4 each
red drawstring bag $10
Infernape line zukan (in bag) $12
Blaziken/Pokedex Strap $12
Unova Starters Water bottle $10
V-trainer Winona/Steven Stone set $8
Snivy Stylus $5
Pokecenter bags free with purchase of $10 or above

Figures lot $20 for all (or make offers for individuals)
TFG Raticate/Meowth not included!

Staks Magnets holo $3 each, non-holo $2 each; can trade for ones I don't have
Sold out: Rattata

Sinnoh Starters Canvas Clearfile $10
Unova Starters Clearfile $8
Eco-bag $10
Brendan Clearfile $16
Brendan Charm $10
Mega Evo Clearfile $12
Pichu keychain $4
Amada Stickers - holo $3 each, non-holo $2 each

(Reverse side of Sinnoh Canvas Clearfile and Eco-bag)

Steven Stone poster $40 OBO (Sceptile for size reference)

Lottery Snivy $12
Tomy Snivy $8
MPC Pansage $5
MPC Snivy $5
Snivy ClipPlush $8
Toy Factory Turtwig $7
Jakks Turtwig $5
Jakks Turtwig Throw Plush $5
Banpresto Axew $10

Electivire $18
Large Elekid $14
Friends Elekid $9
Medialink Meowth NIP $15
Puppet Meowth NIP $16
Applause Meowth $7
Treatkeeper Meowth (used) $2
Friends Eevee $16
Lottery Arceus $8
Large Pichu $15
Smaller Banpresto Pichu $5
Friends Pichu $6
Hasbro doll Pika $10
Squeaky Sqeeze Tomy Pika $14
Burger King Togepis $1
Hasbro Apple Pika $10
Reversible Pika $9
Bath Buddy Psyduck $15
Euro BK Psyduck $10
Euro BK Zapdos $13
Plusle $7

Large Terrycloth Bath Buddie Clef $22
Smaller Terrycloth Bath Buddie $15
Nortmal Bath buddie Clefs $13 each
Medialink Clefairy $14
Medialink Jiggly $14
BK Jiggly $12
Yujin Jiggly $9
MPC Jiggly $12
Friends Blissey $10
Reversible Chansey $7
Happiny Strap $5
Rare keychain Jiggly $12
Magnet plush Jiggly $11
Magnet Plush Clefairy $11
Hasbro Doll Jiggly $17

Banpresto Emboar $16
Hasbro Torchic $5
Mamoswine $15
Heatran $15
Large Tomy Torchic $20
BK Geodude $9
Chansey Tissue Holder $10
Friends Vulpix $14
Friends Teddiursa $12
Friends Sentret $14
Dwebble $8
Puppet Chimchar $15
Jakks Chimchar Throw Plush $5
MPC Pansear $5
Mega Blaziken NIP $40

Toy Factory Manaphy $12
Trainers Choice Cynda $13
Hasbro Doll Poliwhirl $13
Friends Poliwag $10
Minun $7
Small Poliwhirl $5
Laying Piplup (Left) $12
Smaller Laying Piplup (Right) $10
MPC Panpour $5
Small Keldeo $5
Large Keldeo $12
Squirtle Puppet $18
Bronzong $16
Mime Jr $5
Jakks Dewott $9
MPC Beartic $9
Chatot $5
Hasbro Squirtle Beanie $5
Squirtle Treatkeeper $4
BK Gyarados $5
KFC Dratini $9
Hasbro Doll Gengar $19
MPC Malamar $10
MPC Mienshao $10
JPN Pokedoll Woobat MWT $14
Mudkip w/Food Bowl $18
Cubchoo $12
BK Snorlax $3
BK Golbat (small stain on wing) $1

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