yellow_fr3ak (yellow_fr3ak) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Long Time No Post. Pokestudios Beasts!

Not sure if there has been a post about this yet, but the other day I noticed these figures starting to pop up on YJ

Naturaly I ordered the Raikou one (But off of ebay, cheaper without a the middleman service)
and I must say it is refreshing to see some new merch of Kou!

and here is the figure I got!

Sorry for bad quality photos, I moved and havent found a good lighting spot yet.

Anyway, as you can see my figure has no lightning blood dripping down from the cloud base (which I kinda like)
The pose is also slightly different (see back legs)
Eyes look to be better quality though!

The figure is really nice quality and the cloud has a nice matte to transparent effect.
It's strange being a bit different than the original photo shown, but it almost seems better quality than said photo so idk??

Not sure what the detail changes mean for the other beasts detail wise, but overall a really nice addition to my collection.
A great center piece too!
pretty large too! I'd say the figure in its entierty takes up the space of a normal sized pokedoll

In other news I have been working on a certain something >.>
enjoy this sneak peek

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