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Please Buy My Cards So I Can Buy New Cards Sale! lol

Hi, Everyone!

I'm currently trying to save up so I can pre-order an Evolutions Booster box. So, I've decided to post some of my cards for sale.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-Feedback thread can be found here - Link

- I ship from the US.
- Any cards paid for before Friday night will be shipped on Monday morning.
- After Friday, sales will be on hold until Monday October 24th.
- Shipping within the US for one or two cards will be $1.50. This does not include tracking.
- Shipping within the US for 3+ cards will be $3 (or possibly more if you order a bunch of cards). This will include tracking.
- I prefer not to ship outside of the US but can if you see something you'd like. International shipping prices get expensive, though.

TCGO Codes:

1x Keldeo ex
1x Thundurus ex
2x Shiny Xerneas Tin
1x Shiny Yveltal TIn
2x Pikachu Libre/Suicune Trainer Kit
1x Blastoise Collection
1x Venusaur Collection
1x Pikachu Collection
1x Generations Elite Trainer Box
1x Aerodactyl Primium Collection
1x Darkrai Collection
1x Shaymin Collection
1x Keldeo Collection
Raichu Code from PaxEast 2016
Super Premium Collection Mew and Mewtwo
Battle Heart Tin: Pikachu
Battle Heart Tin: Magearna
Triple Battle Tin - Gyarados

2x Legendary Treasures
2x XY
3x Furious Fists
2x Primal Clash
2x Ancient Origins
6x Phantom Forces
2x Breakpoint
12x Steam Siege


Also have a sealed US Magikarp (not in photo) - $3
Unsealed US Clefairy and Meowth - $2 each
Sealed Canadian Meowth (x2) and Ponyta - $5 each

Generations Charizard - $8
Promo Charizard - $5
Xerneas Deck Exclusive Holo - $3
XY Skarmory - $3
Generations Zapdos - $10
Generations Jolteon x2 - $25 $15 each
Generations Vaporeon - $5
Legendary Treasures Mew - $10

Fates Collide Regirock x2 - $8 each
Breakthrough Florges BREAK - $3
Generations Golem x2 - $4 each
Generations Blastoise - $5
Generations M Venusaur x2 - $9 each
Generations Flareon x3 x2 - $4 each
Generations Flareon FA - $5 - SOLD!
Generations Pikachu - $5

Generations Sylveon - $4 - SOLD!
Generations Sylveon FA - $5 - SOLD!
Generations Gardevoir x2 - $5
Generations M Gardevoir x3 - $5
Steam Siege Steelix - $7
Steam Siege M Steelix - $12

6x Darkness Energy from Yveltal Battle Arena Deck - $3 each
6x Fairy Energy from Xerneas Battle Arena Deck - $3 each
Generations Reverse Holo Fire Energy - $6
Generations Reverse Holo Water Energy - $6
Generations Reverse Holo Metal Energy - $5
Generations Reverse Holo Fighting Energy - $5

More English cards - Link - have more un/common cards not listed here, feel free to let me know if there's particular ones you're looking for.

**The cards below are not English. If you see something you're interested in, please let me know and I will give you prices.**




Pikachu and Dialga = SOLD!


I am mostly looking to sell but I will consider trades. I am mostly looking for Generations (particularly subset cards) in languages other than English and Japanese), Breakthrough Houndoom cards in any languages other than English or Japanese, and the cards mentioned here - Link.

- Japanese Legendary Shine Collection cards: Reshiram, Hoopa, and White Kyurem, Regigigas.
- Korean PokeKyun cards: Flareon FA, Pikachu FA, M Gardevoir FA.
- Any Promos or Prelrease cards I don't have.

Poncho Pikas:



I don't have any info other than the images of these Japanese promos. I might be missing other Poncho Pika cards that I don't know about but I do have quite a few.


Since LJ notifications don't seem to be working:
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m14mouse - still need to lookup cards and reply to your PM
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**If anyone else is waiting on a reply from me, please let me know!

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