Lotad (lotad) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Show me your collections! / + collection update.

Hello, everyone. <3

I recently purchased a new cabinet and I'm in love.

I was wondering, though... I see most collections displayed with all of the same Pokemon on the same shelf. Does anyone here mix them? I started to display my new cabinet with the Lotads on their own shelf and then Skitty and Shiny Bellossom sharing the other, like this:

But then I moved everyone around and kinda prefer them mixed together like this.

And here's the transition. I'm so happy I have all of my collections out again. <3

Does anyone else mix their collections together instead of lumping all of the same Pokemon on their own shelves? :o

Anyway, I just wanted to see everyone else's displays! Drop pictures of your collection set ups in the comments. <3

You can view my not updated, whoops collection site here:
Tags: bellossom, delcatty, lombre, lotad, ludicolo, skitty
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