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Blister pack gets!

filler 'cause I hate the alignment ahah

Hey guys! I decided to satiate my nostalgia after seeing zora_star's gigantic update post full of Pokemon cards. I used to really bug my mother to buy me packs when I was a kid, which I've still got stored all around the house. The latest cards I owned were from the R/S/E era (my favourite gen by far) so this crazy nostalgia trip is long overdue!

(I did have a single booster pack on order that I intended on opening on my birthday, but it hasn't turned up and the seller isn't responding so I got these to tide me over :|)

The packet art has certainly improved over the last 13 years.

The amount of common cards never changes though!
I wish there were a few more XY Pokemon there as opposed to the majority of BW ones
(my least favourite gen)

But all in all they're nice enough, I think Gligar steals the top spot for me though!

My uncommon pulls are mostly trainers, 3 from the one packet of all things!
My living room is like team Flare's headquarters now...
Team Flare and their evil ambitions aside, I've also got a 3000 year old ex king out on the prowl...
I think Braixen is my personal favourite out of this tier, it would have been nice to get more Pokemon and less trainers though.

I'm a little bit disappointed with these rare pulls,
I love Mightyena as a Pokemon but these seemed pretty lackluster to me...

But I think this little guy makes up for it :)
(Though I have no idea how to tier a card pull, so please let me know if this little one has made it worthwhile!)

Thanks for reading my awkward nostalgia trip!
The next you'll be hearing from me will be when I've got some new plushes lined up!

My missing pack turned up, not brilliant but I like the Vespiquen art and the reverse Flareon.


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