blupanther (blupanther) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grail Get and Updated Sales

Greetings fellow collectors! It's been a while but I'm here with an exciting grail get and some new items that need homes
Here's a hint, can you guess who this is?

It's the DX Phanpy pokedoll! I've wanted this little big guy for a long time. I had just given up on getting one, when two poped up on Y!J at the same time. I knew if I ever stood a chance of owning this beauty it was then. I'm so happy to finally have this elephant in my collection.

Here she is next to her little brother Peanut! I think I'll call her Poppy. Phanpy is my favourite pokedoll and I'm tempted to get the 2005 regular pokedoll someday too.

In terms of other gets my flaaffy collection is in need of an update. I've got this amazing custom from bluerobotto on deviantart (I'm pretty sure you have an LJ account but I can't remember the usersame). I've had this gem for about a year now but never got around to sharing her.

I also got this adorable squishy flaaffy keychain! Love it so much

And finally have a canvas espeon and best of all an eevee minicot. I fell in love with an eevee minicot during a GA I hosted and knew I had to have one for myself

That's all for now! I have some new items that need homes in my sales including a turtwig and lapras canvas plush and a raikou pokedoll
I will be shipping all orders out by Sunday October 16, before I go back to school.

Click here or the banner to see the items!
Tags: flaaffy, lapras, phanpy, raikou, turtwig

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