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Big Gets Post!!! + Youmacon meetup?

Hello everybody! :)

So, lately, my collecting has taken a back burner, expecially with working full time, and taking care of all the pets.

But, I made a few purchases, and I'm back on track again! :)

I haven't done a sizable gets post in a while, so I figured I'd share these new gets with you!
Away we go! :)

First off, let's start at the beginning, with my purchase from shadoweon!

Christmas Lillipup UFO! :)
I've been low-key after this cutie for a while, and finally got one! I named her Auldie (after Auld Lang Syne) ;)

Next, my FromJapan gets!

Shiny Standing Mudkip and Salamence kids! :)
So glad to get them both!!! :)

And from a Facebook group...

Snorlax Pokedoll!!! :D
So, the seller wanted next to nothing for it, and said it was legit. She lived in Seattle, so I took a chance.
And it paid off!!! He's legit, and I got him for super cheap!

Butt tag for proof :)

Now... drumroll please...

This package wasn't due until yesterday, but it got here on Tuesday! I had to have Bo help me open it!!!

What a big envelope!!!


They're all wrapped up! FREE THEM!!!

MWT Leafeon Red Tag pokedoll (my first red star tag ever!!!), shiny mega Gardevoir UFO and MPC, and a shiny/normal gyarados set of kids!
I was so excited for these all to get here!
These were a bunch of gets that I have been putting off getting, due to their costs, but I finally managed to get all of them for pretty great deals!!! :D

I do have one item on the way, but I need to make sure it is what I think it is before I post it :)


So, Youmacon is a big anime/pop culture convention in Detroit each November- I'm planning on going on Sunday, and I'd love to meet some other Michigan community members!!! If you're gonna be there Sunday, let me know! :)

Thanks for reading, and happy collecting everybody! :)

Have a good afternoon!

Tags: banpresto, gardevoir, gets, gyarados, leafeon, lillipup, meetup, mpc, plush, pokedoll, snorlax
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