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Collection Weeding - Pokedolls, Charms, etc.

Hi all! I come bearing some ultra rare collectibles for sale. :) Check under the cut for more information!


(*) I received sales permission in 2009 from lineaalba and my feedback can be found here.
(*) I may take up to 2 weeks to ship. More than likely it won't be that long, but disclaiming as it does happen. (I work 10 hour days in another city.)
(*) Please no haggling. These are expensive collectibles that I have had for years, they are priced as such. Thank you for being respectful!
(*) Prices do not including shipping or fees.
(*) Do not ask for a quote if typical USPS shipping prices are going to be a dealbreaker.
(*) I would prefer to ship US-only due to high shipping costs outside of the US, but if you're willing to pay I am willing to ship internationally.
(*) Feel free to combine with my Love Live sales/presales items.

Pokedoll Charms

May have some small factory flaws or imperfections. These charms are TINY, smaller than the modern Pokedoll charms, and are all from the early 2000s. The Pichu brothers and Houndour came as a set initially, and Cyndaquil originally came with Pikachu and Phanpy. To my knowledge, this Cyndaquil Pokedoll charm is the only one the community has ever seen.

I've had these charms for many, many years after finding them on Yahoo Japan. I love them to bits, but they're difficult for me to display or view, and I don't want to use them on an itabag because they're so rare and expensive. So after a lot of thought, I've decided to part with them.

Pichu - $150
Pichu (older brother/tufty) - $150
Houndour - $150
Cyndaquil - $175

Additional Photos:


Shiny Houndour Custom from Serenity Sama - $120 (this is what I paid from the original/previous owner)
Pair Pikachu with tag - $20
Mini Ditto Secret Base With Tag - $12
Gizamimi Pikachu Pokedoll (tush tag only, excellent condition) - $35
Noctowl Pokedoll (tush tag only, great condition) -$65
Meowstic Pokedoll (both tags) - $10
Dragonair Pokemon Center Plush - $20 (no hang tag)
Ditto Pokemon Center Plush - $35 (both tags)

Additional Photos:

Clearfiles - $4 each


Apologies for a sideways picture, but new Pokemon Center buttons - $4 each
Dot Sprite Charms - $3 each
Ditto Charm - $4


Venusaur and Ivysaur come together, no Bulbasaur. They have some marks on them that can probably be cleaned. - $25 for the pair.
Spheal Line - $50 (correct base)
Raichu Line - $65 (correct base)
Skitty Line (no base) - $10
Noctowl Line (correct base) - $65
Marill Line - $50 (correct base)

Additional Photos:

Charms and Keychains

Pikachu Kuttari Line pack - $10
Noctowl - $20
Hoot Hoot - $10
Jigglypuff and Pichus - $5 each
Raichu and Typhlosion Charms - $4 each

Additional Photo:

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