Arboking (chromapika) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Difference between Lottery and Regular MonCollé Shiny Mega Gengar figures ?

Hello everyone,
Once again it's not a gets post >< But I'll probably make it very soon o/

So this time I have a question for those who own both Takara Tomy Moncollé White Mega Gengar figures:
the 2011 Lottery one and the 2016 regular version.

Since the announcement of a regular release of Shiny Mega Gengar MC figure, I've been wondering if there would be a difference with the Lottery one. And today I finally decided to check that.
Like I thought, there is no difference on the design. However, I noticed a slight difference on the colour (even if the picture doesn't show it well lol). Indeed, the Lottery version is whiter. I would say that it's a "pure white" for the Lottery one (left) whereas it's more "off-white" for the 2016 version (right).
Thus, I wanted to know if people who own both have also noticed this colour difference or if it's only a random paint difference (you have to check at daylight).

Thank you for your help and see you soon :)

Tags: figures, gengar
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