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New sales~

Good afternoon everyone! I'm hoping to make another account here soon so I can really post some collection pics, it's just the darn picture memory here keeps runing out and it makes it difficult to do so :/ that aside, I'm posting some new sales, all obo except the flats :)

I was granted sales permission 6-11-14 by Allinia


I ship from the US and can only ship within at this time :( middlemaning is fine

My home is smoke free and bed bug free :)

I can be a little slow with shipping but promise to keep you updated, I'm working mostly nights so odds are I can ship within the next day of ordering ^^

And a new perk about my sales is 15% of my profits will be donated to a charity :3 right now I'm considering the local humane society :D

Please feel free to ask questions!

Glameow is $15 tto but has head string
Purlion is $11 the headstring fell off while in my possession but is 100% legit
Both pikachus are $25 mwt

Mini arcues lot is $6, but I'm very willing to trade for another tcg pin!! :3

The sun and moon ad is $1
The mini legends poster is $1
Dice is $5
Mini black and white card binder is $3
Pikachu ichiban kuji Keychain is $9 I'm not 100% sure where the box for it is

Thanks so much guys! ^^ collect on~
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