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New Fall-themed gets + Pokemon Room brag pictures!

Hello everyone! I have a lot to post, oh my gosh! Many overdue brags! So first I've got some Halloween and fall themed Pokemon plush brag pictures to post as well as pictures from our new toy room! My husband and I have decided to turn our extra bedroom in to a toy room that will be half Pokemon plush and half MLP toys. So far we rushed to immediately start on the Pokemon half since duh it would be the most fun! =P We only have two shelves up for the 'mons but Im very proud of the progress we've made as a couple within the past week shopping and putting this together as a team! Still so much to do though! Honestly a LOT of our plush are recent gets, we started to actively collect Pokemon plush again within this month ans stopped collecting G4 mlp. Our long-term goal is to have an entire wall of Pokemon plush displayed in a rainbow! I hope you all love what we have so far as much as us, we want to continue to collect MANY more cute chibi Pokemon plush including some decade-old pokedoll grails of ours! Expect to see more posts from me! ;3

Also, HAPPY [early] HALLOWEEN! *hands out candy goodie bags*


First here is one of my grails! Its a 2005 Ho-Oh Pokedoll! I almost picked one up when I went to Epcot at Disney World but got Espeon instead, this is the velboa version not the minky version. Look at him play in the maple leaves! Ho-oh has always screamed "fall-time" to me!

Here is this spooky guy I picked up yesterday from TRU! I absolutely LOVE pumpkaboo! He is absolutely perfect omg! So my husband actually didn't notice pumpkaboo has a face on the top where the black is and thought this whole time, until now,the two cut-out circles on his base were his eyes! xD

Pokemon Center gets! All in costume too! =D Halloween Circus Eevee and 2016 Pikachu plus Mega Y Pikazard! Got free shipping on this order!

I ♥ Mew plush head! I spent $30 on it at Anime Pop, best impulse buy ever! I want to collect the entire I ♥ Mew series...♥♥♥


Found these at Gamestop and bought! $15 each! =)


Need more Mews and Nymphia! Also after pokeplush Litten, going to many Gamestops to fill in the red spot!

So we have been actively collecting these cosplay/outfit pikachus and we LOVE them! Got addicted fast omg. Judging by my picture I need to get more dragonites and green colored pokemon plush!

I also need more purple and jet colored pokemon, and this is my accidental eevee army! See that espeon? That was my FIRST pokedoll out of all the toys on these shelves! I also love my blue marine pokemon, they eventally need their own shelf!

Random stuff on top shelf.

Pokemon Anniversary merchandise!

Pokemon Wall [so far!]! We plan on getting 2 skinny billy book cases and a red gyarados poster to put here and also a ditto bean bag! (Tsum-Tsums are going to be moved to the living room, so just ignore them!)

Thanks for viewing, I hope my pictures weren't too low quality! ^-^ Also INB4 yes, I am prettypinkgaurdian on IG! =P
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