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Get post and collection update!

Hey everyone! :D (it's super cold today >< I am writing this post wrapped up in 2 layers of blanket!!!)
This is going to be a long post full of pictures!!!! YAY!!!

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated in my huge pokedoll auction! It was my very first auction this big and I did not expect it to go so well ^^

Lets start now!

I will start with my two latest kuttari plushies :)

Aren't they super cute? ^^ I just LOVE the art tag! So cute and colorful <3 they are so small and floppy ^^ I LOVE the Kuttari line so much!

I also ordered at the beggining of August Eevee and Umbreon, but they never made it to my place :( I am very very sad....

I LOVE LOVE the All Star Collection!!! They are so well made, soft and beautiful! I love plush with beans in them <3 I want all of my favorite pokemon for my collection ^^

Those are my latest 4 ^^

Those 2 are so cute togeter <3 Igglybuff was a gift from my bestfriend :)

At first I didn't really want Mewtwo. The first pictures they showed us was kinda weird in my opinion, but once I saw a picture of the real thing it was love at first sight! He's so pretty and well made!! My favorite Mewtwo plush so far :D

And Vulpix of course ^^ I don't know a lot of people who doesn't like Vulpix. Just look at those vibrant colors!

Now for the pokedolls :)

I found those 2 togeter in a lot on eBay :) I always wanted them for my pokedoll collection, but never really looked for them since they are so rare... However, I decided to treat myself after doing a huge cleanup in my collection by only keeping the ones I really really love!

They are so well made! Pokedolls with the red star tag are so well made IMO :) Gengar is so round and soft and Mismagius sits perfectly in my hand <3 so cute!

Gahhhhh look at that cute face!!!!

Next is my 2009 Lucario pokedoll that I got from havvaiibabe :)
Lucario and Riolu are my absolute favorite pokemon and their pokedolls are just the cutest! I want an army of them!

At first, I was expecting a pokedoll just like the one I already had (a 2010 version) but realised upon taking it out of the packaginf that this one was different from my first one. Truth is: I had no idea that the minky Lucario Pokedoll had 2 different releases ^^' oups... but it was quite the surprise, now I love them even more <3

2009 on the left and 2010 on the right

The 2009 version have a smaller head and have a lighter color of blue :)

Next is Treecko (the 2003 JP version) the one on the right!
I took some pictures to compare the 2 version. The older version (on the right) is better made IMO. I also love the darker shade of green.

Now my 2003 Hoenn starter Pokedolls is complete with tags! :D :D :D

I normaly love the minky version better, but I will always go for the older versions. I find that they always have better shapes in general :)

Now.... remember that huge auction that I made a couples of days ago? x)
I bought that HUGE lot because there was some pokedolls in it that I really REALLY wanted! Which one you ask? The answer is here!

(yeah.... that huge lot just to get 6 pokedolls Dx I must be crazy)
FullSizeRender (29).jpg

An other Lucario and Riolu!!! :D :D :D
(I simply love them too much)

Minky Oh-oh Pokedoll! :D My very first Pokedoll whithout hangtag, but this little guy is darn hard to get that I am still keeping it! It's so soft <3

Next is Heatran :D he's so funny! He sits like a puppy ^^

Meloetta Pirouette form :)


I cant't believe that I finaly have this cutie in my collection!!!! I wanted it so badly that I once almost bought a bootleg from Yahoo!Auction... finding a legit one for a good price is so hard ;-;

I believe this one is legit right? x)

I now have 2 Riolus and 3 Lucarios :'D

My other bestfriend got me this beautiful Eeveelution blanket for my birthday (she knows how much I am obsess with blankies&cie hehehe)

Hummm drinking miso soup on a lovely morning.

I developed quite a liking to mascot plushies since I got the Raichu from the Summer Festival collection :)
They are super well made and very soft! I was not expecting that at all! and they are small x)

When I saw those 2 from the Halloween Circus collection I HAD TO GET THEM!! They are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The art tag is so pretty!!!!!

Warning! Bigger pictures behind this cut!

I'll start with my bedroom :)

My complete collection of Kuttari.
I am really trying to get all of my favorite, but it will be hard since I waited too long and most of the ones from the first and second wave are already hard to find ;-;

FullSizeRender (26).jpg

I also have this pair on my night stand x) they fit togeter like 2 pieces of the same puzzle hehe

Now is the second room!
My "new" Pokedoll collection!
It shrunk a lot since I removed the ones I had for the only purpose of completion... but that's how I love my collection ^^ with the ones I really love!

The rest of my collection can be found in one single tall shelf :)

Thanks a lot for looking! :D
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