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~Not Dead....Ebay lots, Recent Gets & Wants~

Hey, everyone!

Long time no see. I've been mostly lurking again but I've still been collecting here and there. Though, I've been extremely busy with a new season at work, my own projects, my kickstarter campaign and slowly organizing my house. Sorry if anyone was trying to contact me.

Speaking of which, I'm gradually getting more shelf space and moving my collections from my old room to my new studio room. I have non based Pokemon collections too so it's been tough trying to balance everything out. I'm still finding a place for it all and some collections are in temporary spots or still in boxes. I'll get there eventually but I did want to show off what I've gotten in the past few months even if they're not in their permanent spots.

I've gotten a lot of customs for Sylveon lately. Some I'm very excited about that I haven't had the time to showcase. As well as items I've been on the hunt for.

Sylveon collecting has died down only a weeee bit but the Pokemon Company has treated me well with new random promo items and ufo plush. THANK YOU, Pokecen for the new Snow Seasons promo announced recently. ;3; I've already updated my site with the new promo.

Here's where my Sylveon are sitting for the time being. The shelf I bought for her is too small. X_X I have to figure out what shelf to get for her next and put another collection here in it's place. I can't believe how enourmous it has gotten within the year. It's a mess right now.

I got these guys a while ago but I've never shown them off here. That's right! It's the Viistar custom sculptures of Sylveon! The original owner of these sold these to me only because they were visiting family near my home! They would've broke in transit otherwise and they didn't want to risk that. These....are astounding! I Love love LOVE seeing them with all my figures. The detail and smoothness of these are insane. The ribbon placement looks so lively as well. The normal one shows off her teeth while the shiny has shimmery blue paint and sits on his tail! Ah! They're the perfect size and can be taken off their bases but they have little metal pegs under their feet. I've been debating if I should paint little black noses on these since they're sculpted in but since the artist didn't I don't want to mess with it. I've always admired this artist and wanted something from her but I never thought it would be these beauties.

(Btw, if you look in the distance you can see my cat looking dog watching me on the couch.)

I also finished a project of mine that I took forever to finally complete. I made both variants of a Sylveon Kuji! I finally finished my shiny version which looks soooo much better than my first attempt. Still love both though. They were really fun to do. Sorta want to make a happy normal Sylveon now. XD

Not really as exciting as the items above but I've finally completed one of my Sylveon promotions!

I FINALLY found the one item I needed to complete this set! It took years but it finally popped up. The elusive draw string bag!

It's currently being shipped to my house so I'll take proper pics later. The designs for this promo are so similar I almost overlooked this item until I saw the stitching at the bottom. I thought it was the clearfile for two seconds before I took a second look to see Eevee is running in this image. This is one of the first promos Sylveon had and these items are so rare now. It feels so good to complete it.

I only need 3 more items to finish up my other promos....

I was baffled by the sudden It's Demo promotion. ;3; I can't get over the plush Sylveon got in this. That cushion. ;A: And the slippers and keychain plush! Augh! All located on my collection site!

Ugh! I have little space right now so the Sylveon Kujis are chilling with my mini Jolteon side collection.

Hawlucha collecting has also died down. Other than finding stickers and books. Not sure whats going to happen once S&M come out. I'm hoping he gets a bit more before the gen change. If not, Hawlucha had a good run. More merch than I thought he'd get. This shelf can't fit all my birds so I need to move him somewhere else. Crobat get outta there! No, I love you and I'm glad I finally got this clear kid....

I've been collecting for years and I've been coming back to the thought of weeding my collections now that my space is sacred and my main collections are getting big. I keep coming back to the idea I have too much odds and end items. Meaning I have items that are random and don't fit with any of my main collections. Now that my collections are growing, Sylveon's merch is still going strong. I don't think they'll stop with the Vees being featured on merch. I think I have too many books, puzzles, duplicates, boxes, ext. They're slowly taking over my closet.... I keep telling myself I should sell items and things that aren't my main pokemon and finally bite the bullet. It will take a lot of effort to organize and purge through but I know I need to eventually get to this.

Ebay Lots

I have a few Ebay lots up! Check it out!
Stuff includes its demo items, a hoenn mold set, lots and more!


In other news! My website is always being updated! I've taken more photos and labeled more items. Everything is gradually getting organized. :D Feel free to check it out.


Be sure to also click HERE to see my current want list! I'm after anything you see there but I'll post a few I'm after here as well. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

First off is this Pokebox coin! I have the other two but just need the bronze variant. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to sell me or if they have an extra? I'd be willing to pay well for it.

Bronze Pokebox coin.

I just got the silver and pink coin but need this bronze one. It's not as rare as the other two so I'm hoping someone out there has one they'd be willing to sale. I'd be willing to pay your price for it. Let me know!

Its Demo Vee Nail Polish:

So apparently I bought these awhile ago but my middleman couldn't send these to me in the end since they're a make-up product and they usually can't send lotion or liquid items. So now I got to hunt them down again. I need glitter pink, white and confetti glitter. If anoyone knows who can ship these to me or find a place where I can buy them and have them shipped to the US ket me know.

Who's ready for Sun and Moon? Here's two of my team members in plush form! I love love love my new custom plush. I haven't gotten anything new custom plush wise in awhile. They're both super high quality. The Mimikyu is life size. Look how tiny! I need a shiny alola rai to match now. I'm not sure if I'll have any big collections for Alola, I usually find out who I should collect when I play the game but for now, I'll be side collecting Raichu's new form. I do fancy night Lycanroc....but we'll see. Hopefully, someone from this gen will catch my eye the way Sylveon or Hawlucha did. Hurry up, month! I want to play the game!

I got a holy grail coming so here's hoping I post more.

Happy collecting!

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