Zubat_Trainer (alvjmnz) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Hi again, everybody!
How are you?

I just received in the mail several packages, including these two Bulbasaur.

I ask you to help me identify these Bulbasaur because they belong to two very common collections but I'm doubting!!!

The first Bulbasaur belongs to the collection of Takara Tomy XY
It's all right imo

The second plush belongs to Bulbasaur ALL STARS 2016 SAN-EI collection.
Touch is nice, same as the Oddish that I have that same collection.

The problem is in its bulb, which is different from all the photos you about that plush
Is it possible thats is bootleg?

I need help and identify whether these two plushies are real, please!

Thank you very much to all! Regards :)
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