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I first joined Pkmncollectors quite a few years ago, back in August/September 2009. I did make an introduction post back then but alot of the members I recognized back then are either inactive in the community, or no longer around. (With some exceptions) So I thought, well maybe its time to make an re-introduction post.

I used to post collection update posts but I haven't done that in a few years. I might start trying to do it again periodically, or I may not I haven't decided yet. I mainly just makes sales posts here lately but I read entries/comments on the community almost every day! I still collect as much as I did back in the day, but i've decided to be a little less impulsive about what i'm buying.

So who am I outside of collecting? I am a 22 year old female living in Northern Virginia,not too far outside of Washington DC. I still live at home, where I have two pet birds (a sun conure and quaker) and one dog (a corgi/pomeranian mix). I am in the furry fandom and my fursona/OC is a slightly altered looking Mightyena named Kura (pronounced "Cure-a") who is who you see in all of the icons that I use on LJ. I love nature/animals and enjoy anime/manga but I also enjoy western animation and art in general. I like music as well.

Outside of Pokemon I have a large collection of animal plushies and figures, who you can see parts of over on my one Deviantart account:

My Main collection is Poochyena and Mightyena, I would like to someday have all of the items of them- or atleast all the things that aren't flats. So far, i've done pretty good! But I am missing a few items even after all these years.

My Side Collections are Eevee & the Eeveeloutions, Oshawott, Dewott & Samurott and Rockruff & Lycanroc (I don't have anything for this collection just yet). My retired side collections are N, Swadloon and Unown. (I still have a few items of all three of these guys none the less.)

Aside from that I just collect plush/figures in general! I really like the canine and feline pokemon. I also aim to own all of the sleeping versions of the Kuttari plush,which as of now I have been sucessful with! There are some awake versions I would still like someday but I haven't bought them just yet. (If anyone has an awake Sylveon for sale do let me know, I would prefer to pay with paypal so this is why I haven't ordered it from the Pokemon Center website.)


My collection before I joined the community was:

My collection now:

I have a few odds and ends not pictured, such as my recent plush and figure additions who you can see here:

My first collection website was
I stopped updating it because Webs has a limit on how many pages you can make if you use a free account. I left it up, I just won't be updating it all really.

I replaced it with :

Which has been a WIP for some time now but I do have alot of pages added. c:

That's all I can think to really say for now but I figured it was time to finally make this post, I have been thinking about making this for awhile. It's been really nice being a member here.
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