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Starters and Shinies!!! :D

Hi everybody! ^-^

I'm here with some quick new gets!

Away we go!

So, after much calling around, and being told that the release date was actually November 1st, I basically gave up finding the Alola Starters early, until I remembered one sole, lonely Gamestop outpost about 20 minutes away. I hazarded a call, and was told that they were indeed already selling the starter plushies!
So, I headed over immediately, and arrived to find the store's doors locked! The sign said the register had crashed minutes before!!! ;-;

So, i waited for about 5 minutes, and looked up to see the cashier reopening, and I swooped in for the trio!

So, the first thing I noticed- the size! These are BIG fellas! Like... roughly 7-9 inches!!! They dwarf my normal size pokedolls!
And they're so soft! I love rowlet, but popplio is a close second, I was very surprised!!!

Now... onto the big surprise!

It's no secret that I collect shinies... but I saw a very strange Garchomp tomy on ebay for $7, and took a chance. Well, he came in today, and am I glad I did!

He's the one on the right :3
He has some minor paint loss, but all in all, for $7, I couldn't go wrong!!!
I was so geeked, and so glad I took that chance!!! :)

Thanks for reading :)

~ Ebon
Tags: figures, garchomp, plush, pokecen, tomy

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