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Holiday 2016 Cut Paper Commissions!

Hello everyone! Been a while since I posted one of these! I'm now accepting reservations for cut paper commissions for the month of November so I can ship out with plenty of time for Christmas (I know it's not even Halloween yet, but I don't like to feel rushed with holiday gifts).

These are just a few examples of my work (click to see the full picture). More examples, rules, and details can be seen below

First of all, general sales stuff:

General Sales Rules
- Sales permission granted on March 20, 2015 by areica96
- All standard PKMNCollectors rules apply
- Feedback link:
- Will not sell to non-members/banned members
- Will only accept USD through PayPal as payment
- Orders WILL NOT SHIP until full payment is received
- Prices are non-negotiable
- Shipping costs are non-negotiable

Custom Artwork Commissions
-Down payment of $10.00 is required in order to reserve a commission slot (first come, first serve based on receipt of down payment)
-US shipping is $10.00 and International is $20.00
-Customer will be notified when work is completed (expect anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks for completion)
-Remainder of payment is expected within 24 hours of notification that work is completed
-I'm only accepting reservations from Sunday, October 30th to Saturday, November 12th.
-All artworks will ship out no later than Thursday, December 1st.
-Artwork will ship with tracking
-Once the artwork has left my possession, I can no longer be held responsible for any damage that may occur during shipment

I have a full-breed german shepherd, and she sheds like crazy, but she is not allowed in the same room where I work on my commissions. That said, there is still a possibility that allergens may travel along with shipment, so if you are EXTREMELY allergic to dogs, you might not want to order anything from me.


More examples of work (click to see the whole picture):

These are some cross-genre works I did that also involve Pokemon, if that's something people might be interested in.

These two are also cross-genre, but they are done inside a 12x12 shadow box frame, which makes them 3D (one of the new options I'm featuring below).

Lastly, this one is not Pokemon, but I wanted to show it because it's a new option I'm offering from now on. This is a cut paper insert I created to be placed inside my clear phone case for my iPhone 7 Plus (I'll explain more about that below).


As far as the content of the artwork goes, that's pretty much entirely up to you. If you have an image or idea already in mind, let me know and I'll do my best to make it work. Otherwise, I'm happy to come up with the artwork for you if you prefer. Pricing will vary slightly based on the size, complexity, and number of sheets of paper involved, but here's a rough estimate. These prices are for 2 sheets of paper only (black & white, usually) ... additional sheets (colors) will cost $2.50 extra per sheet. These prices also include a standard plexiglass frame (I usually get them at Michael's).

Standard 2D Frame Prices
- 5x7": $50.00 + shipping
- 8x10": $75.00 + shipping
- 9x12": $100.00 + shipping
- 11x14": $125.00 + shipping
- 11x17": $150.00 + shipping
- 14x18": $175.00 + shipping
- 16x20": $200.00 + shipping
- 18x24": $225.00 + shipping
- 22x28": $250.00 + shipping

Shadowbox 3D Frame Prices
- 12x12": $150.00 + shipping

Phone Case Insert Prices
- $50.00 + shipping

Phone Case Insert Details: If you are interested in ordering this option, you'll need to give me the exact make and model of your phone so that I can locate a clear phone case for it on Amazon. I'll get back to you with the price, and if you approve, I'll order it. When it arrives (I have Prime, so it should be a quick turnaround), I'll then measure it out and begin creating the design. Expect a slower turnaround than usual on this option (but since I'm starting this in November, it should still get to you with plenty of time for Christmas).

Phone Case Insert Disclaimer: The phone case itself is not all that protective. I will most likely be buying the cheapest option I can get for your phone model, so don't be expecting Otterbox or something like that. What you are paying for here, primarily, is the artwork itself. I cannot be held responsible if you put this case on your phone and your phone breaks because the case itself wasn't protective enough!


Reserve Slots
I'll only be accepting 5 commission slots this month, as that's all I feel my schedule will allow. I'm working full-time during the week now, so I'll most likely only be working on these during the weekends. Thanks in advance.

Slot 1:
Slot 2:
Slot 3:
Slot 4:
Slot 5:


Last minute thought: I've been tossing around the idea of starting monthly commission posts in 2017. Is that something that people would be interested in? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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