mmajdy (mmajdy) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Nidoran line done ! + wants list reminder + Next work ! + vote!

Hi !!
so yes!
yesterday i did finalized the Nidoran line !
and now in the process to finalize the base and add another small shiny member to the line !

click on the picture to see the full post :)

i would like also to add my want list so i do not do many posting :)

still nothing purchased !

and next project for me  is !!!

yes i will try doing Raichu ! both forms !
do you have special pose that you would like to see them ? just comment and try providing picture  and i will make the best suggestion!

and one last thing

>>in this i really need your opinion !<<

and i need you to be easy on me .. i am trying to put the right words lol

would you design new starters ? or do you have in your mind a design for a new starter that you wish if pokemon would include?
(i noticed many fan art works .. and they really have a very good designed starters!)

would you like to participate in creating fan made pokemon starter ?

Yes! I like the idea of fan made starter pokemon
No! i do not like the idea of fan made starter

as always i love to see your comments and know your opinion
thank you for viewing my post
and have greate day 
Tags: nidoking, nidoran, wanted, wants
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