Lissie (mamoswine) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mirage Houndour Plush Auction


Today, we have a special item for auction...!

A Mirage Houndour!

More pics and condition info under cut.

Houndour is in great condition; no stains, dust, etc. Suction cup yellowed naturally due to age. Fur is nice and soft!

-I am hosting this auction for denkimouse; she made the community, so she has sales permission, lol. Feedback!
-Starting bid is $250.
-Auction will end Nov. 7th, 10 AM JST. Countdown here!
-Community extension rules apply.
-Please PM to discuss payment plan options.
-Shipping is $20 EMS from Japan.

Good luck!!

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Thank you!!
Tags: auction, houndour, mirage plush
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