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Pokemon Voodoo Doll Charms Auction - Legendary Birds & Halloween Special

Hey! It's been a couple months. I was hoping to post more, but the last couple months ended up being very busy for me. Still being inspired by Pokemon Go I just had to make all the birds. So here they are, all the Legendary Birds! And since it's the night before Halloween I just had to also make a cutie ghost Pokemon! Happy Halloween! Each are hand made and come with a custom tag with a little saying inspired by their Pokedex entry from the games. I am also auctioning off a couple custom slots! Please take a look under the cut for more details!

+ I received sales permission on 7/7/10 from Lineaalba. You can see my feedback here:
+ All community rules apply.
+ I will only take Paypal payments and must receive payment in 24 hours after I give you your final total.
+ I have the right to refuse to sell to anybody, especially if you have poor feedback.
+ I'm not open for trades at this time.
+ I work a full time job so the only day I can ship is on Saturday.
+ Shipping to the US costs $6. Shipping internationally depends on the country, but can range $12 to $20. I ship each in a small bubble mailer, but be warned, these guys are can be fragile. Things can happen though the mail that is not in my power. But please contact me if you want me to ship your item another way or if anything has happened to your item through the mail. I will work something out with you, I just want you to be happy with your item.
+ These charms are made with embroidery thread, felt and glitter glue. The tags are scrapbook cardstock.
+ Each charm is about 2in tall.
+ Each charm is made with a custom tag that includes; Name, national Pokedex number, a cute saying inspired by their Pokedex entry from the games & their types symbol.
+ These voodoo doll charms are OOAK. I will only make a Pokemon once (normal/shiny/mega/alola). NO REPEATS. Here's all the Pokemon I've made so far:
+ This auction has ended.


Will fly over you leaving a snowfall with the flap of its wings.

Will appear and give you a wonderful lighting storm show.

Will fly threw the air showing a dazzling flash of flames lighting your darkest nights.

Will calm the raging seas of your dreams with its song.

Will fly over you leaving a rainbow shining above.


Absorbs and burns the evil spirits that threaten you.



Both start @ $15. Which ever Pokemon you want as long as I haven't made it before. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

Slot 1: doryphish333 - Entei (PAID)
Slot 2: auriei - Lycanroc Midday Form (PAID)
Tags: articuno, auction, chandelure, custom, ho-oh, lugia, moltres, zapdos
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