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Downsizing Sales

Hello everyone! I have once more broken away from my lurking to post my sales once again. I've added some new things and adjusted prices. I will hopefully be adding more things over the next few weeks, and hopefully taking some updated photos as well. Come have a look! ;D
~I accept Paypal only
~U.S. buyers preferred (Will sell internationally, but it's pricey. Ask for a quote if you're curious!)
~You may haggle/make reasonable offers. (: Worst I can do is say no!
~First one to commit to buying gets priority
~Shipping starts at $3.50 for most items except for flats, which will likely be less. + Small fee for bubble mailer
~You have 24 hours to pay after commitment unless you request otherwise.
~I am not responsible for packages once they've left my hands. If you'd like tracking and/or insurance, please let me know!
~I have cats, but they stay away from my collection.
~ I was granted sales permission on 02/14/11 by dakajojo. ^^
~ My feedback:

Pokemon Center Celebi Plush (MWT): $40
From 2010
He's pretty big - about 12 inches tall

Jakks Snivy (hang tag detached, but will be included): $7
Pokemon Center Snivy: $10
Japanese Snivy Pokedoll (MWT): $20

Snivy Tomy: $5
Snivy line Zukan: SOLD
McDonald's Snivy: $2
Snivy Clipping: SOLD

Jakks Oshawott (hang tag detached, but will be included): $6
Jakks Change-to-Pokeball plush: $10
Tomy Oshawott (no hang tag): $12

Hasbro Plusle Beanie: $6
Japanese Glaceon Pokedoll (tush tag, but no hang tag): $25
Japanese Zoroark Pokedoll (MWT): SOLD

Vulpix Egg plush: SOLD

Osaka cushion Meowth plush (MWT - tag has small crease that I tried to show in the last picture): $50 OBO
I am a bit hesitant to sell him. I really like him, and I think he's somewhat hard to find now. But he also doesn't really fit in with the rest of my collection, and I am trying to downsize. So I wanted to see if there's any interest in him.

PitaPokés: $10 each

Large Figures:
Talky Togepi from '90s (has some scuffs, I haven't tried removing them): $2
McDonalds Zorua, Zoroark, Tepig, and Reshiram: $1 each
Nidoran (from Burger King long ago, I believe; has wheels on bottom): $3

Little Hasbro Figures:
Poochyena: $4
Torchic: SOLD
Anorith: $0.50
The rest are $1

Suicune Tomy: $4
Celebi Kid: SOLD
Unknown Celebi Keychain: $3
The rest are $2
Golduck, Charmander, and Drowzee: $0.50
The rest are $2
Soooooo, these are SUPER old-school tops from the '90s. Both have a couple scuffs. Honestly don't know if anyone would want them, especially since they are kinda heavy and would increase shipping. But they're cute, so i figured I'd post them.
Each is $1 (Clefairy SOLD)
1998 Human Tomy Figures
Each is $10, or take all 3 for $25 (if you take all 3 I will throw in the Horsea figure pictured above to go with Misty)
Celebi clip/keychain: $2
Metal Pikachu Clip (tried to catch the details in 2nd picture - it's hard to on camera): $1
Suicune Johto Dex charm: $12
Celebi Johto Dex charm: $12
Litwick Line Charms (from the first B&W Halloween promo): $18
Glaceon Attack Kid (comes with flattened box): $6
Lampent Kid (comes with sticker): SOLD
Halloween Oshawott charm MIP: $12
2011 Glaceon Round charm: $15
Mewtwo Gold Card (Still has box, pokeball, protective case, and certificate of authenticity): $10
Pokémon manga (Perfect conditiion! Will be sent via media mail): $4 each or all 3 for $10

Thank you all so much for taking a look! <3

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