wani_wani (wani_wani) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Canceled Tomy figures 2016

most people (unfortunatly) are un aware that these awsome figures where canceled this year for the sake of the 20th anniversarry mersh, wich is mostly plushies, these where part of the in action in scale line, which means that these figures are ranging from 5 to 12" figures, I dont care about mega rayquaza since its definetly under sized but the others are all so amazing, it breaks my heart that this line is so underated, it needs more love, early in 2013 there was a giant  12" Xerneas and Yveltal that got canceled, Xerneas was even shown at the 2014 toyfair...I really hope that we get to see these figures some day, but with Sun and moon coming out, I dont see this happening any time soon.
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