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Collection Intro!

Hello PKMNCollectors! I was approved recently and I have been eagerly waiting to post my collection photos, so I will go ahead and do that now! Preview:

What's in the cut is very picture heavy, but I do describe some things here and there.

So I'm starting with my Gen 1 plush, then when the Gens for plush are done I'll add my figures also grouped by Generation. I forgot a couple here and there, so I'll mention what was forgotten (and I did take pictures of what I remembered last minute) and add a picture. There is a surprise at the end, so hold on!

Here's Gen 1, you can barely see Flareon in the back.

On to Gen 2! You'll notice that it's the one I have the least plush of.

I'll be working on that. When I post gets sometime, this group will grow a little.
Oh boy, my 3rd Gen group is pretty large.

I'm paricularly proud of my Life Size Treecko (Who I started as in my first Mystery Dungeon game) and Shiny Mega Rayquaza (I hunted it in Saphhire, and is in my Omega Ruby game now).

I know some of these have shaky camerawork. I don't quite have a better camera, so sometime I should look into that too.
(If you haven't noticed yet, I'm grouping the forms not by when they were introduced, but where the original Pokémon was from)

Gen 5 is where I got my first game, Pokémon Black. My first Pokémon ever was Snivy (which I evolved into Serperior) and my all time favorite is Reshiram.

My bed was overflowing by the time I got to 6th Generation, and you may have seen a little bit of stuff in the background already.

Next is group shots and the ones I missed. Well, first is who I forgot.

Manaphy wasn't exactly forgotten, just fell down somewhere and I knew I was missing someone.

Now, Gen 1 figures! These ones do not need as many pictures, and aside from that I didn't make group shots with every gen.

Again 2 is lacking below.

On to 3.

4 is a bit small.

5 is looking better.

Now some from 6 were very difficult to stand up.

It appears that I missed two this time.

That's it, right? Well, the surprise is coming up. Without further ado...

Drawings by me! These are some of the shinies I worked hard to find in my games.

That's all for now. Thank you for taking a look (or a lot of looks) at what I have to show. I will make a late October/November get post within the month or around my birthday.

Happy collecting!
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